Semiconductor Components, Instruments, and Subsystems (SCIS) Special Interest Group

Semiconductor Components, Instruments, and Subsystems (SCIS) Special Interest Group

The Semiconductor Components, Instruments, and Subsystems (SCIS) Special Interest Group represents companies that produce, package and/or distribute any of the following used in semiconductor or related industries:

  • Components such as seals, filters, mass flow controllers, valves, sensors, ion beam sources, etc.
  • Instruments for in-line and off-line data measurement, collection, and monitoring
  • Sub-systems that support process tools e.g. vacuum, robotics, power conversion, abatement, chillers, etc.

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If you are interested in joining this SEMI Special Interest Group focused on the common issues of components, instruments, and subsystem companies, please contact Paul Trio at SEMI at

SCIS Information

SCIS News and Events

July 15: Subsystem and Component Suppliers at Critical Crossroads to Deliver on Yield and Productivity
SEMICON West 2015 - TechXPOT South (July 2015)

TechXPOT Sessions (SEMICON West 2014):
"Variability Control – A Key Challenge and Opportunity for Driving Towards Manufacturing Excellence"
"Subcomponent Supply Chain Challenges for 10 nm and Beyond" (July 2014)

SEMI Forms Semiconductor Components, Instruments, and Subsystems (SCIS) Working Group (Nov 2013)

Committee Member List

Dalia Vernikovsky - Co-Chair
CEO & General Manager
Applied Seals

Sanchali Bhattacharjee - Co-chair
Technology Strategist
Component Supply Chain

Simon Yavelberg
Sr. Director, Engineering
Applied Materials

Doreen Ball-DiFazio, PhD
Member of Technical Staff
Brooks Automation

Daniel Babbs
Sr. Director of Engineering
Strategic Technology
Brooks Automation

Bill Valentine
Brooks Instrument

Sang Hyun Park
Technical Specialist
Busch Vacuum

Yoshihiro Fujino
General Manager, Precision Component
Sales & Marketing Division

Yu Segawa

Subodh Ghonge
Applications Director

Anthony Keen
Senior Applications Technologist

Thomas Phely-Bobin
Senior Manager, WEC/CMP App Development
Liquid Microcontamination

Peter Lundquist
Semiconductor Industry Segment Specialist

Gary Patton

Pawitter Mangat
Director, Corporate Quality

Francis Vo
Senior Applications Engineer
Greene Tweed & Co.

Troy Freeman
Sales Manager
Horiba Semiconductor

Ya-hong Neirynck
Supplier Technology Enabling

Doru Florescu
Sr. Manager, Apps Engineering
Surfscan/ADE Division

Lance Dyrdahl
Engineering Executive
Lam Research

Eric Madsen
Mechanical Engineer
Lam Research

Karey Holland, Ph.D. 
Vice President – Process Technology        

Steve Holland

Per Cederstav
Director, New Product Development

Barry Gotlinsky
Nanometrics Solutions LLC

Rao Varanasi 
Director, SLS Microelectronics
Pall Corporation

Martin Gates
Market Development Manager
Parker Hannifin

Dave Haserott
Manager, Engineering
SMC Corporation of America

Scott Balson
Product Engineering Manager


Tamirisa R. Apparao, Ph.D.
Director, Semiconductor Product Applications
Sumitomo Cryogenics of America, Inc.

Albert Escusa
Member, Group Technical Staff
Worldwide Purchasing & Logistics
Texas Instruments

Matthew L. Milburn, P.E.
Principal Engineer
Ultra Clean Technology

Joyce Chen, Ph.D.
Technology Engineer
Ultra Clean Technology

Supika Mashiro
Factory Integration Promotion Group
Tokyo Electron

Sensho Kobayashi
System Hardware Group
Tokyo Electron

Michael Zickar, PhD
Head of Technology Development
VAT Vacuumvalves AG

Paul Trio
Senior Manager, Strategic Initiatives



Purpose of the Group

  1. To facilitate collective efforts on issues related to the components, instruments and sub-systems that the members feel are more effectively or efficiently undertaken as an association than as individual companies, among which are:
  2. To acquire market information and statistics about member activities as defined in B above.
  3. To achieve better representation in regard to legislation and lobbying efforts concerning the semiconductor industry.
  4. To promote customer awareness of the technical, regulatory, and business issues facing the components, instruments and sub-systems suppliers in meeting the semiconductor industry expectations in product quality and value.
  5. To promote cooperative efforts between the Components, Instruments and Sub-systems (CIS) Special Interest Group members and other SEMI member companies to solve common problems and eliminate duplication of resources.
  6. To promote awareness in the SEMI organization of the expectations of the Components, Instruments and Sub-systems (CIS) Special Interest Group members.
  7. To promote participation in the standards group and to promote user awareness about SEMI standards.
  8. To be involved in planning and/or sponsoring activities for SEMI exhibits, seminars and other events connected with the industry.
  9. To receive SEMI support for meetings with industry leaders to discuss future trends and needs.
  10. To create open forums to discuss issues such as safety and environmental, supply chain dynamics, product quality, intellectual property, roadmaps, etc.