Efficiency Matters: Innovation and Growth in Power Electronics

Hans Stork
Chief Technology Officer
Senior Vice President
ON Semiconductor

The power electronics segment is by some estimates approaching 20% of the semiconductor market and expected to grow faster than the industry overall. Efficiently handling electric power is as critical to the battery management of handheld wireless devices, as it is for weight and safety of automotive and train performance, or for limiting energy demand of data centers. Increased digitalization of control functions, coupled with developments in materials and use of innovative structures, combine to deliver highly efficient modules or systems. The core enabling technologies for these applications are IGBT and power MOSFET devices, and mixed signal, high voltage, high temperature CMOS integration processes. While they may not require advanced lithography, they do drive advanced processing capabilities, such as ultra-thin wafer handling, plasma dicing, deep trench and SOI isolation, GaN and SiC substrates, and thick Cu interconnect. Moreover, extremely high volume automation is often a necessity to drive down the part costs.