Innovation of Non-Volatile Memory for the Zeta Byte Era

Atsuyoshi Koike
Senior Vice President, Technology and Fab Operations, SanDisk Corporation
President, SanDisk (Japan) Limited

Recently, the demand for data storage is growing rapidly with changing our digital lifestyles. The data created and replicated in 2020 will reach 40 ZB (zeta bytes = 1021 bytes) which is 100 times of the data in 2010.

SanDisk will support coming ‘Zeta Byte’ storage era by providing non-volatile memories with most advanced technology and manufacturing. We are developing 3 technologies; more shrunk 2D NAND flash memory, BiCS (Bit-Cost Scalable) and 3D ReRAM (Resistive RAM) for growing storage demands. The manufacturing will aim at shorter turn-around-time (TAT) for the rapid development of new memory technology with less cost.