Akihiko Tobe, Hitachi, Ltd. - Biography

Akihiko Tobe
General Manager, Smart City Project Division
Social Innovation Business Project Division,

Hitachi, Ltd.

Work experience

  • 1979/4     Joined Hitachi Ltd. Omika Works
    • System engineer of CAD/CAM~
    • System engineer of Stock exchange field, Industry. Etc
  • 2010/5     Senior Manager of Information & Control Systems Company
  • 2010/10   Senior Director of Smart City Business Management Division
  • 2012/4     General Manager of Infrastructure Systems Company and General Manager of Social Innovation Business Project Division
  • 2012/10   General Manager of Business and Engineering Solutions Division and General Manager of Smart City Project Division
  • 2013/4     General Manager of Smart City Project Division
  • Presently responsible for Hitachi Smart City Business for global markets.