Silicon Run II

Silicon Run II

By Silicon Run Productions ©1993

Running Time: 35 minutes

Format: English DVD or VHS

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Silicon Run II shows how a fabricated wafer is converted into the many powerful micro-devices assembled in personal computers. Particular emphasis is given to IC device packaging, testing and assembly onto printed circuit boards. The fundamental of early multichip packaging is also examined. Companion tape to Silicon Run I: 2nd Edition.

Topics Include:

  • Overview of IC logic, design, and wafer fab processes
  • Device probe and sort
  • IC packaging, including die attach, wirebond, encapsulation, and tri and form
  • Device testing, including burn-in and environmental testing
  • PC board design and assembly
  • Multichip packaging technology

Appropriate for students and semiconductor industry professionals of all experience levels. This film is ideally suited for corporate training of new hires and non-technical personnel.

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