SEMI® Silicon Reclaim Wafer Characterization Report


Silicon Reclaim Wafer Characterization Summary (Report)  

Market Trends, Pricing, and Forecast for the Silicon Wafer Reclaim Market

Publication Date: February 2015 
Principal Analyst: Lara Chamness, SEMI
Number of Pages: 28
Format: .pdf

This analysis covers the 2014 silicon wafer reclaim for the semiconductor market and provides a forecast to 2016. Reclaim is defined as the removal of several microns of the silicon wafer and subsequent re-polishing of the wafer surface.

Seven regions of the world are covered in this report including North America, Japan, Europe, Korea, Taiwan, China, and Rest of World (ROW). All market size estimates reflect U.S. dollars at current exchange rates. Market estimates for reclaim wafers include semiconductor applications including equipment and IC manufacturing markets.

Methodology and Scope
Two methodologies were used in the development of this information. First, major suppliers were interviewed and contacted for the purpose of this analysis. A questionnaire, which summarizes all of the desired information, was developed and sent to all of the suppliers. Of the companies contacted, 15 responded representing 86 percent of the 2013 market by revenue.

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Table of Contents

  • Background
  • Methodology
  • Overview
  • Technology Trends
  • Demand Trends
  • Supply Trends
  • Pricing Trends
  • Market Summary and Outlook
  • Conclusion
  • Appendices

List of Tables/Figures

  • Table 1 – List of Reclaim Wafer Suppliers Contacted for Reclaim Characterization by Headquarter Region
  • Table 2 – 2015 Reclaim Wafer Supplier Sites by Region
  • Table 3 - Portion of the Domestic Market Served by Domestic HQ Suppliers (2008 - 2014)
  • Table 4 – Portion of Non-Japan Market Served by Japan-Headquartered Suppliers
  • Table 5  Supplier Capability
  • Table 6 – Annual Capacity Trends
  • Table 7  Summary of Survey Respondents Answers Regarding Investments for Advanced 450 mm Inspection Equipment  
  • Table 8 – Aggregate Average Selling Price Trends of 300 mm and 450 mm Reclaim Wafers
  • Table 9 - Relative Price Pressure on 200 mm and 300 mm Reclaimed Wafers by Region:  2014 Compared to 2013
  • Figure 1 – Worldwide Wafer Area Shipment Index
  • Figure 2 – Survey Respondents Answers to “What are the biggest factors impacting demand of reclaim wafers?”
  • Figure 3 – Comparison of Worldwide Wafer Reclaim Market Share by Headquarter Region 2013/2014
  • Figure 4 - 2014 200 mm and 300 mm Reclaim Capacity by Headquarter Region
  • Figure 5 - Aggregate Average Selling Price of Reclaim Wafers by Diameter 100 mm - 200 mm
  • Figure 6 – Relative Average Pricing by Region for 200 mm and 300 mm Wafers in 2014
  • Figure 7-- Survey Respondents Answers to “What are the largest variables impacting pricing of reclaim wafers?”
  • Figure 8 - Worldwide Silicon Wafer Reclaim Market Distribution by Diameter (millions of U.S. dollars) 
  • Figure 9 - 2010 and 2014 Worldwide Silicon Wafer Reclaim Market Distribution by Diameter (millions of wafers) 
  • Figure 10 – 2001-2016F Worldwide Silicon Wafer Reclaim Market Shipments by Diameter (millions of Wafers)
  • Figure 11- 2014 Worldwide Silicon Wafer Reclaim market Distribution by Region (millions of dollars) 
  • Figure 12 – Worldwide Silicon Wafer Reclaim Market Distribution by Region (millions of wafers)
  • Figure 13 - Reclaim Wafer Shipments as a Percentage of Bulk Silicon Market Forecast 
  • Figure 14 - Comparison of Bulk Silicon and Reclaim Growth Rates
  • Figure 15 - Global Reclaim Wafer Revenue Forecast 
  • Figure 16 Global Reclaim Wafer Forecast by Diameter 
  • Figure 17 - Global Reclaim Wafer Forecast and Aggregate Selling Price 
  • List of Silicon Reclaim Wafer Suppliers by Headquarter Region in 2015
  • List of Reclaim Companies’ Web Sites
  • Summary of Reclaim Articles/Press Releases Published in 2014, early 2015
  • Worldwide Merchant Reclaim Wafer Market 2006-2016F
  • Copy of questionnaire


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